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W E L C O M E 

The Story of Story

The Town of Story, Indiana was founded in 1851 with a land grant to Dr. George Story by President Fillmore. As the town grew it reached it’s heyday in the years 1880-1929 and had two general stores, a church, schoolhouse and post office. In 1929 the Great Depression hit and the town never recovered. Much of the land surrounding Story was left behind and was eventually turned into Brown County State Park. The town limped through the better part of the 20th century without being modernized or updated with 
new structures. It essentially looks the same today as it did 100 years ago. The one surviving general store was eventually bought and renovated into what it is today, The Story Inn.
Hoosier Paranormal Research was lucky enough to be allowed to spend the night at the Inn and do an investigation. The Inn has 4 rooms upstairs in the old General store and a few outbuildings that have been turned into cottages. Each room upstairs has a ledger kept in the room for guest to record their stay at Story. All ledgers, once full, are put away for safekeeping. For years there have been stories recorded in these ledgers of ghost that haunt the Inn, particularly the ghost of “The Blue Lady”. This has been a local legend for years and has been published in local papers and one national magazine.

During our interview with the owner and employees of The Story Inn we were shown and allowed to read some of the ledgers stored away from years past. Some guest did not encounter anything while others were sure they had encountered something supernatural. What we found amazing is that the guest were from all parts of the country and had no ties to each other but still had these strange things happen to them. Hoosier Paranormal also spoke with three current employees to see if they had any stories. One said she has had nothing happen to her but one of the chefs said that she was cooking in the kitchen one morning when suddenly the door flew wide open and slammed against the wall. Another employee said that he was in the kitchen area when a plate of spaghetti flew off the counter striking him in the hand. He had the scar to prove it and showed us. We also learned in our interview that the most active room in the Inn was not the Blue Lady Room but the Morrison/Kelly room.

Doc Story's examination building.

Slide show of The Story Inn

The owner himself told us that he had captured high EMF readings in the bathroom area. Ledgers from the Morrison/Kelly room tell of strange noises through out the night. Also learned in our interview was the fact that Doc Story’s house is also active along with the barn out back and the Old Mill building next door. The owner’s wife confirmed that lots of strange things occur in the house (they live in it) and we hope to return in the future and conduct an investigation of that house and some of the cottages. We were shown the headstone of a young boy who died in the mid 1800’s. The grave marker was found in the barn and was being used as a counter weight for bales of hay. His grave has yet to be found.

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