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Edinburgh, Indiana  Toner-Maley Bed & Breakfast
October 13th, 2007

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Toner-Maley HouseThe 1870’s Italianate mansion has had recent renovations which are still ongoing. Until the late 1980’s-1990’s, the house was used as a single family dwelling, but was converted into several apartments by a late owner. The current owner has converted it back into a single dwelling and is planning to open the house to the public as a bed and breakfast. Her claims of paranormal activity are mostly auditory in nature.
The team, on Saturday, October 13, 2007, consisted of Robert, Greg, Joe and Elisa.  We arrived at the residence at 9:30 p.m. Equipment used: 3 infrared cameras, 2 video recorders set on night vision, hand held digital voice recorders, digital cameras and electromagnetic field detectors. Infrared cameras were set up in the attic, the foyer and the unrenovated ballroom. Each member carried a digital voice recorder throughout the investigation and others were placed in empty rooms.

The two teams began in the library and the basement. Team #1-Greg and Joe, reported several strange popping sounds and thuds in the basement. Team #2- Robert, Elisa and the homeowner spent 30 minutes in the library where no activity was experienced. Team #1 proceeded to the upstairs. In the “pink” bedroom, they reported that a dish on a chest began to vibrate. They adjusted the plate and the vibrating stopped. Team #2 spent about 30 minutes in the basement but had no significant experiences.
After a short break, Team #2, along with the homeowner went into the “pink” bedroom where the plate had vibrated. They experienced no visual or auditory activity; however, upon review of the evidence, an EVP was captured when Robert asked if there were any entities present associated with one of the original owners of the house. The two teams finished up the investigation with a vigil in the attic. Robert reported seeing a disembodied face in mid air and several footsteps were heard on the opposite side of the room but no evidence was recorded by our equipment.
We closed our investigation at approximately 1:00 a.m. A follow up investigation has been scheduled for November 4, 2007.

Investigation #2 (case #33b) 1870  Toner-Maley House November 4th, 2007

The team conducted a follow-up of the Toner-Maley house because of evidence found in the initial investigation on 10/13/2007, an EVP of a woman’s voice responding to a question posed by Robert. We assembled at the house at 9:00 p.m. The team consisted of Robert, Greg, Kenny, Elisa and 2 guests.
One of our guests is a self proclaimed sensitive and the decision was made by HPR to observe her responses to the house and, as an experiment, to see if any scientific data would correlate to her psychic experiences. Equipment used for this investigation were; 2 night vision video cameras, 3 infra red cameras, digital voice recorders, digital cameras, digital EMF detector, and a K2 meter which also reads electromagnetic energy. We went total darkness at about 10:00 p.m.
We separated into 2 teams. Team #1-Robert, Elisa and the 2 guests. Team #2- Greg, Kenny and the home owner. Team #1 began in the attic. Robert performed an EMF sweep of the entire area. Average reading at that time was between .2 and .5. After only a few minutes, Elisa heard a rustling noise behind the guests who were standing near to her left side. At that moment, the guest sensitive began to feel a presence near her. When Robert brought the EMF meter next to her it registered a .9. When the sensitive said that the energy was moving away, the EMF meter dropped back to a .2.

The above scenario was repeated in the attic a number of times. Although these events cannot be used as scientific evidence of paranormal activity, it proved to be very interesting and exciting. 
Team #1 returned to the kitchen to allow team #2 to investigate the attic. The guests remained with team #1 in the kitchen while the second attempt was made in the attic. Team #2 reported unusual feelings, high EMF readings and some EMF responses to questions. No recorded information was collected.

Both teams and guests went to the second floor where we conducted an EVP session in the bedroom where the previous EVP had been collected. The K2 meter was used for a question and answer exercise. It was placed on a trunk at the end of the bed and not touched by any team member. The meter did seem to be responding to our questions. We asked the entity if something or someone was upsetting it, and the meter responded that the entity did not like the men being in her bedroom, so the male members left the room, leaving, Elisa, the homeowner and the two female guests.

We continued to ask questions and the meter responses  appeared uncannily consistent. This K2 session was recorded on voice recorders, but, unfortunately, it was not captured on video. This omission of video coverage renders the session as inadmissible as evidence but should still be considered valid personal experiences by the group.
The team rapped up the investigation shorting following the above session. Analysis of the recordings  did not produce any further audio or video evidence.
The bed and breakfast remains a residence of interest and future investigations are planned.

Investigation #3 (case #33c) 1870  Toner-Maley House, April 17, 2009

Greg and Kelly conducting an EVP SessionHoosier Paranormal Research returned to the bed & breakfast again on a rare Friday night investigation.  We arrived at the mansion around 9:30 pm.  After meeting the home owner out front, we went inside, unloaded our equipment, introduced us to her guests, which were staying in the guest house, then took us on another tour of the house.  Investigators present this night were; Greg, Kenny, Elisa and Kelly. Equipment used were; 2 Sony Nightshot video cameras, 1 hand-held mini-DVD, 5 digital voice recorders, 2 digital thermometers, K2 EMF meter, digital EMF detector and digital cameras.  Following the tour, we decided to split into two teams. Team #1 was; Greg, Kelly, and the home owner.  Team #2 was; Kenny, Elisa and two guests.  

Before we split up into teams, we started the voice recorders on the second floor at the top of the steps at 11:06 pm. About 2 seconds into the recording, a very distinctive giggle was heard atop of the stairs. The giggle was definitely coming from the lower level near the steps. Not only did we hear this, it was recorded on our voice recorders.  

Team #1 decided to begin their investigation on the lower level in "Parlor" while team #2 decided to start in the "Rose Room" upstairs.  Team #1 had some success with the flashlight experiment. Greg turned the flashlight to the "off" position and set it on the coffee table. The flashlight turned on and off and would get bright and dim to questions asked.  They also heard some noises in the room. Sounds of a door knob turning.  Team #2 had some beginning success with the K2 meter question session in the "Rose Room" but soon stopped only after a few minutes. No further success would occur.  Team #2 decided to move into the "Master bedroom" upstairs and ask a few questions but did not have any success with the K2 meter. Following only a few minutes there, team #2 decided to move down stairs and join team #1.  

After a short while in the "Parlor", team #2 decided to leave the house to allow team #1 to have some uninterrupted time in the house.  The guests returned to their guest house. After a short while, team #2 returned. The rest of the night was both teams working together mainly in the "Parlor", Attic, "Rose" room and upstairs hallway. After we completed the investigation around 3:00 am, we decided to leave 2 voice recorders and a video camera in the house overnight.

Findings:  About 2 seconds into the investigation,  we were all standing atop of the steps and we heard a female giggling coming from the hallway area downstairs.  There was no one else in the house except both investigative teams upstairs.  We tried to debunk the noise by going outside to various spots to test the sounds of Elisa making giggling noises and determined it was not coming from outside. We did pick this noise up on all voice recorders.  No other EVPs were captured on this night.  

Conclusion:  After a third investigation,  Hoosier Paranormal feels that there is a presence in the house causing paranormal activity in the form of noises and appearing in flesh form to the homeowner. Other investigations by Hoosier Paranormal Research and other groups may follow.

Investigation #4 (Case #33d)
Edinburgh, Indiana  Toner-Maley Bed & Breakfast
September 11th, 2010


On September 11th, 2010, Hoosier Paranormal was asked to return to this very interesting Inn as every time we have investigated it, we have found new evidence of paranormal activity.  This investigation would not be any different.  The team arrived around 10:30 pm and we began setting our equipment up soon after our arrival. We tried something a little different on this investigation, however. We turned on the voice recorders while we placed and set up the video cameras. Investigators present on this night were: Robert, Shanon, Ricky and Kenny.  All members were in the structure during the investigation along with the Inn's owner and grandson.


8 Olympus digital voice recorders, 2 Sony Nightshot IR video cameras, 1 Mini-DV with Nightshot, 1 Sony HD with Nightshot and 1 Tri-Axis Electromagnetic Field Meter.


At 10 minutes into our set-up in the owner's bedroom, which would have been at 11:10 pm, Kenny heard a voice in his headphones saying, "Crap".  This was a repeat of what he had said just 3 minutes earlier. After hearing this, Kenny turned to Robert and asked, "Did you just say, Crap?" Robert had not said it. After the groups analysis of the audio, there is more voices around what Kenny heard but it's not quite clear. Also in the attic around 12:19 am, there were objects flying around in view of the static video camera. There are bats in the attic but these objects did not have a bat appearance. Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself.

Investigation #5 (Case #33e)
Edinburgh, Indiana  Toner-Maley Bed & Breakfast
August 25th, 2012


The owner has been experiencing some things primarily on the main floor of the house including a collector plate flying off the wall in the kitchen.


Equipment used this night included voice recorders, video, K2 meters, tri-field meters, thermometers and an EMF pump.

Weather Conditions
Temperature- 76º
Wind Direction/Speed- Calm
Humidity- 56%
Barometric Pressure- 30.10- Rising
Moon Phase- Waxing Gibbous


6 team members were present including; Scot, Shanon, Tamie, Tiffany, Jason, and Kim. We split into 2 teams with Scot, Jason, and Kim and the second team being Shanon, Tiffany, and Tamie.

The investigation started at 11:30pm and Team 1 went upstairs into the Rose Room and team 2 started in the basement. At about 19 minutes into the investigation Jason ask a question about some of the renovations taking place in the B&B and gets an interesting response. This was not heard at the time by anyone but was captured on multiple recorders. Meanwhile team 2 located in the basement was experiencing a very quiet start to the investigation. This would not last long though, as the night went on,  the basement became very active. Nearly all the investigators had personal experiences down there, like being touched, hearing whispers, the feeling of someone standing behind you, and an overall feeling of dread. All this occurs in nearly the same location in the basement, which is something we cannot explain at this time.


Although we did not capture much recorded evidence this night,  the B&B never fails to be an active location for spirit activity.


Case 33d is the 4th investigation of the Edinburgh Bed & Breakfast case. In this video, an illusive object was captured flying around the attic. While there are bats in the attic, this has a look to it that just doesn't quite fit the appearence of a bat. Tell us what you think.

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